About Us

Find out what makes us tick…

NAME: Sam Farah
AGE: 38

PROFESSION: All round Jolly Pirate, Art Director (or drawer of pretty things), general jack of all trades

LOVES: Motorbikes, ummm motorbikes (what do you mean I can’t say it twice?), anything electronic, computer games, zombies, electronic motorbike riding techno zombies!!!, most extreme sports. Also the Lady below!

Having recently done time working in the advertising world in the UAE, Dubai for his crimes, he thought that to regain whatever humanity he had been spared he would take the love of his life on a trip. His love being a 2008 KTM adventure S, and the trip being from Dubai to Alaska.

Since returning to Blighty he has now met his new love (which is a real person, not a machine), and together they have started working on a new business and of course a new trip. Sams love of bikes started from an early age, when riding his Raleigh Burner with Mag Wheels BMX was the be all and end all. Throughout his teens he still coveted that elusive motorised 2 wheeled transport, but of course financial restraints and parental restraints meant that it was just out of reach. That all changed once he hit the dunes of Dubai, there he could at long last could give in to that forbidden fruit that was motorcycling, and especially anything that was off the beaten track. Now with a wonderful lady by his side and the support of so many people he is able to keep on riding, hopefully inspiring others to just get on and ride.

NAME: Clare Southern
AGE: 27

PROFESSION: Writer and Property Developing (in other words.. Glorified Builder) along with Creative-partner-magician-ex-bobby-lady

LOVES: All things orange/shiny, DIY, magic, running, zombies, pranking, pirates, biscuits and said-man-above (note… not in any particular order!)

Having finished her most recent neglected property project, affectionately named “The House of Doom”, Clare is no stranger to taking up challenges! Her collection of tools, skills and knowledge of DIY would put most men to shame… and this is just a glimmer as to what Clare is like! No challenge is impossible (staying awake for 8 days for an endurance show?!… noooo problemo!) and with a smile and a bounce she manages to bound through them unfazed with determination and giggles!

Her love for motorbikes has been a long affair, however, after having a scooter at a young age the dangers of motorcycle riding became all too apparent when she was nearly made a pancake by a not-looking-lorry-driver. This incident, coupled with having to deal with various motorbike incidents in the Police, led close friends and family to being reluctant in encouraging her onto a bike. However, since meeting the wonderful man that is Sam and having the support and direction from the national motorcycle campaign Get On, tables have been turned and she is excited to be following her long standing dream of motorbike riding! Wheeeeeee! *pop*