The next person who says to us that the planning of the trip is the most exciting part of it all will be nommed alive! Hahaha! We have had such a harsh 2 months with so many things going wrong or causing us stress from big to small which has just put such a big strain on us. A mini list just so you can get an idea:

  1. House sale fell through. Massive estate agent problems!!
  2. Booking the wrong flights (my bad) to Switzerland
  3. Sams bike breaking down
  4. Delays in parts
  5. Scala headsets broken
  6. eBay items lost in post
  7. Scala headsets broken after second replacement
  8. Visas delays
  9. Carnet delays
  10. Problems in Egypt and Cairo concern
  11. Parts finally arriving… but being the incorrect ones we ordered or not the right amount
  12. Tyre changing issues (balancing problems with new rim locks)
  13. Feeling super manky from Cholera vaccine…
  14. …. being told we took the Cholera vaccine incorrectly meaning it’s not worked and having to order more. This meant both registering and booking doctors appointments which they’re short of at the moment.
  15. Cholera turning up… but only one set two days before we’re supposed to be leaving
  16. Heated Jacket stops working
  17. Waterproof trousers arrive but wrong size
  18. Another ebay Parcel doesn’t get collected… need to rearrange collection
  19. Estate agents state they’re going to take me to court as I refuse to pay them their full fee due to their poor service.
  20. Unable to update website…

….There are so many more little niggly things that we forget about but even my parents have said how it seems that everything is against us leaving no matter how hard we try! This, coupled with saying goodbye to our families and some of our true true friends has just made everything so heart wrenchingly difficult. I think it’s only natural that a few times we have just looked at each other utterly exhausted and said “…should we just stay home, get married, have kids and get a dog?”!

BUT!! We shall soldier on!! Screw the world being against us, we both really want to do this and just need to get going on the road!! Big apologies to us being exhausted lately, we hope you understand :) xx

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