Blood Bike Wales and SMT Visit

This weekend we had a quick trip to sunny Wales and were fortunate enough to bump into the fantastic Blood Bike Wales charity and visit our good friends at Smart Motorcycle Training (SMT) and their new shop in Swansea!

Being an incredibly gorgeously sunny weekend this inevitably attracted many people down to the little cafe on Swansea bay – Verdis – where Blood Bike Wales had decided to shack up for the day!  We popped on down to say hey to the team who had us cracked up from the word go – such a wonderful group of people and fantastic charity!  The small world that is Wales meant they all knew who Sam and I were having spoken about us before with one of their close affiliates and one of our main charities the Wales Air Ambulance!

We spent a good hour with them chatting away learning about their good work and exchanging services stories as well as chinwagging with the public too (big hello to the Celtaidd Mcc boys!)  With a busy day ahead we said our goodbyes to then find our way to the wonderful SMT Clothing and Accessories shop so we can talk to our old trainer and friend Chris!

Having not really seen the store all completed and shiny new both Sam and I were wowerfied!  It really does look quite something and is very well stocked for riders of all categories.  I did manage to find some rather bizarre looking items though (see below.. still  have no idea what it is for and won’t be repeating what Chris or Sam suggested it was!)

Once again, it’s always a laugh to see Chris and have time out and a cuppa (and posh caramel biscuit!  Very what what!) and nice to see such a superb set up in sunny Wales for us bikers!  If you’re a biker and local and haven’t yet popped along – get your butt down there!  It’s awesome!

All in all a lovely day meeting old friends and making new ones!  We look forward to seeing everyone again before we’re off!

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