Egyptian Border Salloum – Secret Police, Guns and Desperation

April 16, 2013 / Egypt, My category / 6 Comments /

I haven’t posted this until I was far away enough from the country that it would have no negative impact on us at all.  What happened that day was sickening and possibly the scariest and most horrific experience I have ever been in.  I never want to ever be in that predicament again, nor do I wish for anyone else to be.  I hope our blog helps others in safely getting across the border…
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Updates and Blogging Galore!

February 7, 2013 / My category / 1 Comment /

Tramps in trees, Sam being shot at, camels in trucks, kids with guns and the Spice Girls…just an idea of some of the stories in the below updates!

It’s been a long time coming but at least you now have reading material for a while whilst enjoying a few cups of tea and some dunking goodness!

Check out the new blogs below:


Tunisia: Sfax – Insane Riding and Tramps in Trees
Tunisia: Sfax – Family Fun and Chickens the size of Children
Tunisia: Tozeur – Road Tripping
Tunisia: Tozeur – Star Wars and Sand People
Tunisia: Tozeur – Mos Espa Star Wars Set
Tunisia: Tozeur – Salt Pans, Star Wars, Sand Storms and Sleeplessness
Tunisia / Libya: Border Crossing and Cous Cous Kindness
Libya: Road Blocks, Bullet Riddled Cars and Explosions
Libya: Tripoli – Medina
Libya: Tripoli – Leptis Magna and Villa Selene
Libya: Tripoli to Egypt Crossing – Tanks, Kids with Guns and the Spice Girls

More to come as well as updates to galleries and other sections of the site :)

Keep Smiling people and catch you soon!

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Boxes boxes everywhere…. as well as everything else ;)


AiIiIiiiiiiEeeee!!  Everything is blooming mental right now!  We’re trying to pack up our house to move out and it seems that to pack away… you have to empty everything out first and the whole place just looks like it’s been hit with a bomb!

Our estate agents have been a bit of a nightmare to say the least and due to that our first sale fell through, which caused us to have a bit of a melt down!  Fortunately, we managed to get some fantastic new buyers who are just tremendous in all manners of the word!  We’re actually really excited passing on our home to them!

Anyway, I am procrastinating from all the boxes and sellotape so must get back to packing!

Not long now…. :D

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KTM 690 Enduro R 2012 Petrol Pump of Poopness!

This morning was full of fun and joy as Sam and I both pranced about playing with our newly formed bikes!  As yesterday, I have to say, they are most awesome!  The morning seemed to pass quite quickly and before leaving Sam and Jeroen made up a list of spares we needed to order for our imminent adventure trip!  Having read and brushed up on our 690 knowledge we were both aware that the fuel pump had a tendency to go after around 6k so that was first on the list, followed closely by inner tubes, levers and various other bits and bobs!

Orders made, we kit up and hop on the bikes!  They are so slender!  I have to admit, they are muchos higher than before leaving me on tippy toes and a bit wibbly when stopped (I predict dropping of the bikes AHOY!), but I will get used to it no problemo!  Waving and honking we leave the KTM Basel team behind and following the GPS wonder out on to the windy roads of Switzybergland.  They are BEAUTIFUL to ride.  Despite the added weight of the tanks, because the fuel is seated so low it actually helps you glide into bends, really sinking you into the road!

U Turn!

After about an hour and a half of riding through hills and thoroughly enjoying ourselves, the SatNav suddenly asks us to do a U Turn where possible.  Eh?  We pull over and check the route and in essence, it’s asking us to back track.  Seriously?  We check again and after prodding buttons we discover we had it set to avoid highways… meaning it was getting super confused in trying to find a way to cross the Switzerland – France border and leading us to and fro.  Bugger.

Settings changed, we head off again and half an hour later we cross the border… barely 20mins away from where we started at KTM Basel!  Whoops!  It’s getting late by this point but aiming to go past Nancy we press on into the drizzling gloom still enjoying having our bikes back.  A nippy 2 hours later we stop off at a service station to grab a warming cup of hot chocolate and to stomp the cold from our toes.   Sam also discovers the discomfort of cold nipples….


Trying not to laugh too much at Sam’s expense whilst sipping our sloppy beverages, Sam nips outside to try and find his thermal top to plonk on to ease his pain!  Emptying all the luggage bags, fiddling with our torches and checking again he has no success and realises his thermal top has been “misplaced”.  Resigned to adding as many layers as possible of whatever we had, Sam feels a tad peeved but nevermind, these things happen!  Time to get back on the road!

Jumping back on the bike Sam goes to start up his bike… but it doesn’t turn over.  He tries again…. And again…. And then again.  I hop off my bike and have a try for him in the disillusion that I may have a magic touch.  Alas.  No such joy.  Helmets off, gloves off, torches on, we have a poke about but the FI light is flashing which only means something death and gloomy.

After all of the problems Sam has had with the bike – he is naturally considerably narked off.  Having a lot of time spent in the company of sods law, he second guesses it’s the fuel pump.  We call KTM Basel and after chatting to them on the phone they go away to check the manual and call back to confirm that the FI light code indicates the fuel pump of our KTM 690 has indeed borked… we weren’t going anyway!  Turning the key to his bike again we notice that there is no telltale “brrrrrrrrrrrrrRRR” noise any more confirming again that the pump was super duff.   BUGGER.

Uh OH!

KTM Basel ask us where we are, fully expecting us to be half way through France.  Fortunately, much to the thanks of our wonky GPS we were only a couple of hours away from them and being the Godly Saviours that they are they tell us to hang fire and they will come pick us up, despite it being 21:30.  We head back into the petrol station seeking warmth only to find out that it was in fact closing and we were going to have to make ourselves comfortable outside.

So.  Completely unprepared for the circumstances we found ourselves outside a closed French petrol station on some busy highway, huddled on top of a roll top sack with my sleeping bag draped over us, shaking yet drinking iced tea from a paper bag amidst the dark lanes of parked up snoozing truckers.  I end up having a laughing fit, with poor Sam close to bursting with super sadness, fury and sadness!  We can’t even get home… how are we to get around the world!  After a short film to update those who are following, it only gets better as it starts to rain!

After a few hours of star jumps to keep us warm, laughing fits followed by saddened silences, cuddles of support and some really dodgy looks from European truckers we are beyond relieved to see the KTM Basel van pull in to the station… HUZZAH!  We leap about and jump on Jereon as he hops down from the van… he is our complete and utter saviour.  Talk about customer service at its best!  We pack up and load up, hop on in and head on back to Switzerland.

We are now back at KTM Basel and most shattered but eternally grateful to Jereon and his family for helping us.  Tomorrow we believe there’s a spare kicking about which we will fit and then attempt to head on our way again!

It’s been a looong day so goodnight fellow readers, we’ll be back to update again in the next couple of days!


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Mini Update

More to come of details of the latests but as a short update:

House: Sale is going well! Woo!
Route planning: We’re keeping a steady eye on the happenings around Libya/Egypt but still feel good about entering this way! Good times!
Visas: All sorted and waiting to pay the embassies our last visits prior to leaving!
Carnet: Once again Sorted and ready to go!
Equipment: We have everything but our extras for the medikit and camera lenses!
Bikes: We’re awaiting news from KTM Basel about when we can go pick them up! Hoping for an update tomorrow – we both terribly miss our Bikey Mcbikes :)
Shots/Jabs: Both had our second set of rabies today, Sam had his Hep B (already had mine from Policey days) and next week we have Yellow Fever! After that, one more rabies and we’re set!

All in all we’re good. Things are very stressful though and we’re both feeling the toll! Somedays it’s just all too much and we both end up monging out! I have been in tears a few times with frustration and Sam has been having sleepless nights, feeling frustrated and pretty poopy too! BUT! It’s all so close now and the end is in sight! We realise how lucky we are to be doing such an adventure and the fact we are also super lucky to have each other to help out in the times of mehness be through cuddles, going out for the day or just generally laughing at the ludicrous situation we are in! So much has been happening and currently we’re waiting on others be it for house progression or bike parts or what which is totally out of our control :) But we have every faith in the people we have helping us out and are looking forward to seeing everything finally coming together!

Thank you again for all your continual support! Not long now boys and girls, not long now! :)

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