Dinosaurs and Waterfalls Delight

August 25, 2013 / West Canada / 0 Comments /

Awesome couple of days!  Had a superb stay with Sam’s cuz and his lovely lady (wifey-to-be!! Exciting!) and have just about managed to get everything sorted and together before heading off again!  Big thanks again guys, you’ve been MEGA!

Today we have popped down to the astonishing Niagara falls!  Sam’s been there already donkeys ago so kind of knew what to expect but for me it was a totally new experience.  We entered via a road called Clifton Hills which is just a mind smash of completely bonkers-theme-park styled places.  Seriously.  Haunted houses with gargoyles and demons bursting out the buildings, towering dinosaurs, whacky film boff stuff, arcades and wax museums.  It was like riding down through Alton Towers.  Batty.  Completely stupendously batty!  We have it on film… need to get some vids up at some point!!

But yeh, as I was trying to take in this rather insane, manic, rammed full of bustling tourists with candy floss and hot dogs road we reached the end and WHAM.  Right in front of us was Niagara falls.  It took me entirely by surprise.  I couldn’t quite believe how this beautiful wonder was engulfed entirely by rows of Casinos, hotels, mad houses and all sorts.  It just jumped out all of a sudden and threw me.

We struggled to find anywhere to park up that wasn’t about to charge us $20-50 a pop so we could go take a proper look and snaps so instead we did the entirely sensible thing and parked on the white lines right out side the coppers station which overlooks the falls.  Great spot!  We only noticed the “No parking” sign after we took some photos… honest gov ;)

The falls themselves are rather expansive.  Short… much shorter than I imagined but flowing with such ferocity it’s mist-icle.  Get it.  Ha.  ;)  Although a truly astonishing sight I couldn’t help but hark back to the Victoria Falls in Zambia which took my breath away entirely with the wild surroundings and heart thumping heights.  I just cannot believe how built up around the falls it is… a strange sort of spectacle!

Still, totally amazing.  Really it is!  The snap below is looking over to the USA side so you can’t really see all the mental facade on the Canadian side… I will have to put up the video at some point!

Strangely I have just received a message from a fella who kindly offered us tent space at his place in the USA but we ended up missing him by a few days.  Rather weirdly though he too was at Niagara falls today and spotted us parked up and was about to make his way over to say hi when we had jumped on and whizzed off!!  Such an utterly teeny weenie tiny world! Can’t believe it!

Currently we’re a couple of hundred k away from Tobermorey where we’re hoping to catch the ferry to the Northern parts of Canada and then make our way across to Alaska on the T-CAT.  Mud and gravel travel time!  Wheeeeee :D

Can’t wait.  Needed a couple of days off to catch up on work and recoup but now we are all revved up and ready to go for our next part of the journey.  HUZZAH!

Catch you all soon :D

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