Enduristan Tank Bag


Now there are plenty of tank bags for the KTM 690 out there and we had to choose one, we looked at KTM’s OEM version It seemed okay but with my previous KTM tankbag for my KTM 990 adventure, I knew that it wasn’t the most water proof of bags, then came the giant loop, it looked great and alot of the reviews were positive, but with it not being waterproof (you have to seam seal it yourself) that counted that one out. So we happened upon a review in one of the forums for the Enduristan Sandstorm 2, which was very positive so it was straight onto the Enduristan website for some further investigation.


We decided upon the Sandstorm 2 Enduro S, as the The first thing that grabbed us was that it was 100% waterproof (better than my KTM one which had a plastic cover that looked like a see through shower cap and when it rained it got condensation inside so you couldn’t even read the damn map!), the size intially seemed a bit on the small side, but we soon changed our minds on that.  So without further ado we decided that that would be our tankbag for the trip.

Straight away the quality of the tankbag is apparent and it looks the business, the bag design is simple and understated which I like, so no logos or flourescent colours screaming at people saying “come take a look inside”. You have the map compartment sitting on the top which can be detached as it is held by velcro (for those moments when you have to point out to your partner / colleague / lover / pet / random person that where you are is not where they say you are!)


Our initial fears of the bag being too small was laid to rest when we undid the three velcro straps that are place around the bag, this then allows you to pull the bag upwards and give you an extra 5L so from 7L it increases it to 12L. So far we have not needed this option, but time will tell. Now when you open the bag you are confronted with a red interior, which is great as it contrasts with any bits you may put in there, unless they are red! Under the the lid of the bag which is zipped into placed by some hefty zips there is a separate pouch which again can be detached, which I have to say we love as we can store all the bits we will use quite a bit, like documents and wallets etc so we dont have to scramble and search for them. At the back of the bag is a flap that sits at the back of the bag which is inconspicuous until you give it a pul and hey presto you have now compartmentalised you tank bag for further organisation.

Clare and myself really believe that on a trip like ours, we need to keep ourselves as organised as possible so we know where everything is, and simple things like this will help us do that. All the straps are connected to the bike via clips that are zip tied to the frame of the bike, which means you have the ability to move them at any point (you get extra clips and zip ties too!).

All the elastic rokstraps and clips seem rock solid and even after a few tips and spills it stayed where it was. The front of the tankbag is held in place by buckles that sit around the stem of the bike and connect to the bag via the buckles, all this can be adjusted. Again rock solid with no movement. Now the only thing is we usually sit quite forward on the bike, and having to sit further back has taken some time to get use to, but that is nothing to do with the tank bag and all to do with us.

We have taken it out in absolutely awful conditions, and it hasn’t failed us yet, no water has go in at all. This is why I use it to carry around my camera and lenses we are that confident in it. As I said the build quality is second to none and the attention to detail is brilliant with little things bringing the whole thing together. The only thing we can say is that the clips from the stem attachment can rub against the fairing, but nothing a little foam cant take care of.

This tankbag has obviously been designed by riders for riders, and engineered with thought.