Libya – Tanks, Kids with Guns and the Spice Girls!

January 29, 2013 / Libya / 0 Comments /

HEY hey KIDS! We’ve arrived just about safely in Alexandria, Egypt. We have had an incredibly eye opening and surreal journey through Libya and also at the border crossing.

Again, we cannot reinforce our thanks to family and friends old and new who have helped us through this leg of the journey! The care, concern and hospitality of everyone has been phenomenal! Thank you so much!

Libya was fantastic, we both cannot wait to return when it’s had a bit more time to settle and head to the Southern Deserts. It’s truly a stunning place and will be an up and coming area to visit in the future we have no doubt! GO LIBYA!


Crossing Libya was a complete doddle! After all the Home Office worries and scares from the BBC we were cacking ourselves a bit and took all precautions necessary, but genuinely it was absolutely fine! We had a lovely Libyan Truck Driver with us although he did not speak a word of English so we communicated with charades and stickmen the whole way! We drove through many a war torn town and city which are all cluttered with burnt out cars, tanks, artillery bombed homes and roads. What was most surreal though was during these few days we had on loop, 24/7, without choice, no other than the Spice Girls greatest hits cassette tape playing! I have to admit, driving up to a border surrounded with teenage military guards wielding AK47′s who are sat in pick ups decked out with anti aircraft guns with “I tell you what I want what I really really want – Well tell me what you want what you really really want – I wanna – I wanna – I wanna – I wanna – I really really really wanna zigga zig ahhh” booming out with the driver singing in broken English is just the weirdest and funniest thing I have ever experienced! On the third day though, Sam was asking for the border guards to put him out of his misery! At one point we thought we had got lucky as the tape was changed and after minor delay suddenly we were confronted with: AGGaaaaaa DO DO DO push pineapples shake the tree…. Ahahahahaha! This was followed by the Birdie Song and a whole track of other party gems from our childhood school discos! I said to Sam that the music combined with the guns and shocking war damaged sites around us that it almost felt like we were in some warped Quentin Tarantino movie!

So so funny!


The Border though was another story.  Leaving Libya was pip-squeak.  Entering Egypt… absolutely horrendous.  As we had heard on many occasions the Libyan/Egyptian border is the hardest and most horrific to cross in the whole world.  No matter how much we psyched ourselves up for it nothing could have prepared us for a full 7 hours of experiencing what we did.  We will post a full update on the crossing in the near future!

In short the whole trip across minus the border was fab!  We couldn’t have done it without our driver, Mohammed and the help of our family though, they’ve been superb.  Thank you all again for your support, you’re all mega :)


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