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January 26, 2013 / Libya / 0 Comments /

We have just come back from wondering through the Old City in Tripoli. It’s a maze of streets and alleys with something different on every corner you look. We were lost within minutes and ended up bundling through a busy market where we stood out like sore thumbs! Because there is now little or no tourism in Libya and there hasn’t been for sometime it is obvious that we were both of interest and in some areas perhaps aggravation. We spoke to a few people, including a group of guys playing fuss-ball who were all friendly enough and more than happy to say hello!


We did, however, stumble upon a square which we think was surrounded by government buildings. As soon as we walked in from a small alley I spotted a car with anti aircraft artillery on the back… then a few steps later clocked two teenagers with AK47s. By this time we were centre of the square and had no choice but to continue to what we hoped was a main street, passing by two elderly fellas also propping up guns. To say we cacked ourselves a little would be an understatement, but again they greeted us and offered no harm. It’s been explained to us that being able to differentiate between militia and military is pretty much impossible as many are just plain clothed so we were pretty darn uncomfortable. Not only that, but kids are still throwing fire crackers around so the bangs as we just exited the square did enough to skip a heart beat or two!


We did pass by a local mosque but unfortunately no one was there to let us in. All in all you can see how amazingly wonderful and incredible this place is. It is definitely a place I would recommend people to visit and see as it has so much to offer but perhaps after this period of uncertainty has passed.


Tomorrow, Roman Ruins! Very excited. Will try and post more when we can – very slow connection speeds here so hang on with us :)

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