Module 2 Exam – Day Out Training

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I still am adjusting to this early morning malarky, the bed has me and will not give me up without a fight.  Clare on the other hand is up and bouncing, this has a two fold effect, one it wakes me up, and secondly it makes me grumpy. Now I am normally a rather jovial chap, but I do have to build up to that state of mind which involves a cup of tea.  I saw no tea……

By the time I had got to the stage of an actual verbal exchange which didn’t include grunts, we had already entered the slip road for the M5 and well on our way to green, green grass of home A.K.A Wales (well done boys on the Grand Slam!).

Testing!As usual our time keeping has a lot to be desired (this time I was on time, but Clare had a handbag malfunction), and this was echoed by the dulcite tones of Chris as we got out of the car at SMART training center.  We both looked down at our shoes and walked the walk of shame up into the office, only to be greeted by the Ianto leaning on the counter with his usual grin.  After donning on the hi vis jackets we were ready for a day of riding, with no rain and the sun poking its sorely missed head out from the clouds  we went down stairs to jump onto our bikes for the day.  My loyal steed was a kawasaki Versys and Clares was a rather tasty looking Kawaski ER-6n which I have to say she looked rather fetching on!  Clares hesitation on the kawaski was that it was a V twin engine and was rather on and off compared to the honda CB500.  So Ianto got clare to have a bimble around the yard, and as usual clare picked it up instantly and was slow riding around.  What can I say the girl is a natural!



So the one way radios were put on, Ianto swears they are one way so he doesn’t have to listen to clare chat away and make bike noises! We left the yard excited at the ride ahead and looking forward to getting some great tuition.  Clare was out in front so I got to see how much she had progressed, needless to say Clare excelled which is slightly disappointing as there is no real juicy news to tell.  I do know that her sense of direction even when directed is bloody atrocious.  Now this does not bode well for the trip as I only managed the last one because I was heading west andI only knew I was heading the right way due to the sun being in my eyes, but I guess thats why they call it an adventure.

Ianto and Sam - Cuppa

So during the mammoth lesson of about 4 hrs (much appreciated to the guys for the time they took out to do that!) we had our ups and downs literally.  Ianto took us all around the various routes we could be taken, and show us a few sneaky tricks the examiner might pull out if he thought we were getting a bit cocky!  Damn their tricksy ways, one was a straight road with a no entry at the end.  Now if you weren’t on a test you wouldn’t think twice about this, but when the examiner says to carry straight ahead unless told to, you tend to question your rational to take the turning before the no entry.  This was quite disconcerting and rather unnatural for myself as I have been riding for quite a while now and dont tend to question myself when riding.

So after gaining loads more insights into the minds of the examiners and the DSA we made our way back to the yard, not realising how tired we would be.  A throughly enjoyable and insightful day of training was had by both of us and if we thought it couldn’t get any better we ended the day with a lovely roast dinner at the folks house.

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