Motorcycle Outreach

Bit of a shout out for this charity as it is one which is a pretty darn mega!  Motorcycle Outreach’s (MoR) goal is to be able to improve and introduce sustainable and effective delivery of healthcare to remote areas in developing countries.

As with many developing countries, communities tend to be spread out over vast areas of varying and often tough terrains.  Despite aid being available the lack of working and well maintained vehicles means aid is either distributed irregularly or even non existent to remote communities leaving hundreds and thousands of people to die each year from even the most simplest and preventable healthcare issues.

By working in coordination with government and non-government organisations, MoRs implements structured vehicle management systems which ensure vehicles aimed at delivering aid go through a series of frequent preventative maintenance and repairs.  By operating this proactive and proven set up, health ministries can then continually provide a zero breakdown healthcare system thus delivering crucial aid to hundreds, if not thousands.

Please take some time to peruse Motorcycle Outreach’s website at and support them where you can be it through spreading the word of this organisation or donating!


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