North Africa – Tozeur – Mos Espa Star Wars Set!

January 24, 2013 / Tunisia / 0 Comments /

Today we took a road trip out into the middle of nowhere to find hidden amidst dunes and camels this amazing, still standing, Mos Espa Star Wars Set:

Tunisia_Mos Espa2

AWEEESOooMoomomoemeeee BEYOND BELIEF!  It was seriously unbelievably wickedly STUPENDOUS!  Some dude came walking out of one building too (there’s a mini stall set up for tourists there) and he was all dressed in a berber making him look like a Jedi Knight…. it was so sweet I nearly cried!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Unfortunately though, we could not stay long as we were waved manically at and then pointed in the direction of North where we saw a most enormous sand storm heading our way… and pronto!  So smiling and jumping for joy we chased our way out of the desert with sand kicking at our heels!


Definite definite must see!!

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