North Africa – Tunisia – Stars Wars and Sand People

January 23, 2013 / Tunisia / 0 Comments /

Today our aims were to travel to film sets for the wastelands and Luke Skywalkers home in Star Wars!  Unloaded, we were able to glide through the local villages with ease although this newly found freedom of no gear made for a completely different ride!  Pull off power = doubled meaning a few “wheeeee”s and unintentional skids to entertain passerbys! ;)

The ride to the wastelands saw us through a number of villages where we had our first odd reactions off locals.  Where we were getting used to all the waving and cheering it was now changing to the odd finger, fist shakes and also kids pretending to shoot us!  Niiiiice!  The road was being resurfaced (or dug up? We couldn’t figure) meaning another encounter of sand for me.  Being sleepy and still adjusting to the lightness of our unloaded bikes I was a bit narky at myself for being all over the shot on the sand and nearly catapulting myself off a few times.  My ansy-ness was all resolved though with a mahoosive chicken kebab bap with cold fries which is an in thing here (all for absolute pennies too)!

When we arrived at the wastelands it was quite literally what it says on the box… wastelands!  With our bikes being kitted out for off roading (big thank you KTM Basel for our awesome KTM 690 Enduro R 2012 Quest bike kits!) we managed to scoot around the rocky and sandy climbs to see more, something we feel would only be achievable on foot otherwise or perhaps in a well equipped landy!  Quite weirdly we were in the middle of no where and these kiddies appeared, initially asking for money, then sweets and then for Sam and I to kiss!  The little buggers even asked Sam if they could kiss me!  So funny and strange!  We pelted up a really steep hill in hope to get some photos of the bikes and scenery but once we reached the top we stopped and turned… only to see the kids next to us!??! How the bloody hell they managed to get up so quickly I have no idea!


Realising they were not planning on leaving our sides we decided to head towards Luke house and as carefully as possible made our way down the slope.  This scared the living daylights out of me because the kiddies wouldn’t leave my side and I was petrified of squashing the little muppets!  After they witnessed me hitting a patch of sand and going sideways (saying a few choice words) they hung back a bit though ;)

Back on the road we notice that the wind was picking up.  After a while we noticed that the palm trees were starting to lean sideways and upon taking a cursory glance behind us we double took a massive glow of orange heading our way… sandstorm time!  Being 20clicks off our campsite we opened up a bit in hope to escape through the now ghost town villages where locals had locked up and retreated for protection.  Nipping at our heels, we ended up being caught in the start of it and were sand blasted to bits, grains beating their way into all orifices, prickling away like hot oil spitting despite the neck scarfs and goggles.

Back on the campsite we took shelter in our tent and then without realising it awoke a few hours later… we had been sleepy!  As the night drew in we ventured again to our new found friends Julie, Jason and Charlie to spend an evening of chinwagging, consumption of ginormous berber pizzes and plotting routes!  Good times!

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