Big-Earth1All I can say is an enormous WOW and thank you to Big Earth for the encouragement, feedback and suggestions we have received to date! Big Earth have provided us with a vast amount of inspiration and are stupendously caring and genuine. What a fantastic organisation, we’re chuffed to have their support!


CapitalizeWith their background in the Motor Sport industry they have managed to open up so many avenues for us and have done so with tea, biscuits, genuine interest and laughs! We look forward to continuing work with them in the future (and not just for their disgustingly om nom biscuits!)!


Supporters-Friends-WheeldonWith Clare being a complete newbie to offroading and Sam being a bit rusty we were unbelievably appreciative of Wheeldon helping us out with a day of bespoke training to get us up to scratch! With so many miles ahead of gravel, sand dunes, mud, hills, rocks and snow they helped carve out some core skills with much ease and laughter. A fantastic day was had and without a doubt we will be going back for some more! Please see our FAQ, Training section in the next few days for more information! Thanks so much guys, we can't wait to see you again soon!


Supporters-Friends-MORHaving met Craig and Barbara at a Touratech event early 2012 and learning of their charity organisation - Motorcycle Outreach (MoR) - we have be in regular contact since!  Their main focus is to introduce effective healthcare delivery in remote areas of developing countries and have a fantastic set up for this.  As adventure riders themselves and having led motorcycle tours worldwide they are not only an incredibly kind, hardworking and clued up couple but absolutely lovely and fun too! A big thank you to them both for helping us reroute our trip!

SMART Training

Smart Motorcycle Training, Swansea are the loveliest bunchof trainers out there! Ianto and Chris made us feel like old friends... considering with us they have had to adapt to a long term rider and a novice, their encouragement and approach to training is fantastically balanced and perfect. We couldn't sing their praises enough! Thank you guys for all your help and support and can't wait to catch you soon!


GetOnTo be able to say Get On have been superb would be an understatement! They’re encouragement and passion for motorcycle training and safety is tremendous, we don’t know what we would have done without their advice and support! We are particularly impressed with the Get On free hours trial... a brilliant campaign and taster session for all those interested in getting on a motorcycle and learning! You’re all mega - thanks guys for all you have done!


Supporters-Friends-Sam-ManicomFascinating, inspiring, courageous, fun, kind, uplifting, stupendous and a true gentleman are just a few of the words we can use to begin to describe the wonderful being that is Sam Manicom. We spent a good few hours listening to his stories of his most wonderful trips far and beyond.

Clare particularly found his adventure riding truly engaging as he too only had a few months experience on a Motorcycle before deciding to tour the world! His books are so beautifully written and captivating... if you like an adventure these are not ones to miss! We look forward to crossing paths again soon!