Sign Post Forest – Watson Lake

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So the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake. The history of it starts in the early 40′s when Private Carl K Lindley of Company D, 341st Army Engineers had been relieved temporarily from his post due to injury and put on light duties for recovery. It was upon being requested to repair the signage to the Military Airbase and Airport that Private Carl K Lindley, apparently a little homesick, decided to personalise the sign and pinned up his home town and the distance to it.

Carl LindleyFrom there, others have followed suit and it has now grown into a mesmorising forest of signs, travel notes, number plates, hats, chopping boards and various other momentos from travellers passing through as per tradition.

Walking through the couple of acres of posts and signs can only bring a smile to your face. Knowing so many people have been there before with their own array of stories and travelling tales is just simply awesome. What’s even greater is knowing there will be so many more making memories!Signpost

We came unprepared, however, a quick bit of DIY and we’ve made our temporary mark until we return along with our dog tag!

Sadly Private Carl K Lindley has since passed away. I tip my helmet to you Sir for starting what will be a long lasting tradition! May you RIP!


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