Sunny Days and Big Packages

What a stupendously sunny day it is!!  It’s the kind of weather we need with all this panic buying of petrol… if it all runs dry then at least we can ponder about in the sunny sunshine!

Sam and I have had an amazing day!  For starters, there was a knock knock knock at the door and we were greeted with this beast of a box:

Sam looking happy with his rather large package!

Inside we discovered some rather stunning Rukka Gear – both the Armas and Arminnas full kit.  This weekend we will be releasing a full preview of the gear with videos and pictures!  If you have anything specific you would like to ask about the gear, please do and we will make sure we cover it!

Not only has the above been super fantastic, but we have just found out good news about the X Lite 551 Helmets – they’re on their way in the next couple of weeks! Happy days!  We’ve also just had some lovely conversations with various biking organisations all really friendly and excited about our charity around the world motorcycle trip, it’s lovely to have such support and a wonderful response!

And… if that wasn’t enough we’ve had some fantastic press releases!  Our mugs can be found in the Mercury newspaper and the Wales Air Ambulance has just completed an article on our journey! Check out the clippings here:

Chasing Horizons Press Release Page

We’re now just confirming details on the bikes which is just crazy exciting but nerve racking too!  Once they have arrived in the next few weeks it’s due to go a bit loopy with an insane amount of training and events to attend!!

So keep watching people and we’ll be back with some updates this weekend including dashing photos and videos of the delightful Rukka kit!

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