Switzerland… again… Silly Clare!

…Take two!

So this morning we checked the tickets, rechecked them, asked for a second opinion of our ticket times and then a third, before finally agreeing we had the right day!  Ready to go again we made our way back up to Gatwick.  At departures we nervously approached the counter and embarrassingly found ourselves faced with the same representative as yesterday.  With a knowing kink to her smile she checked over our paperwork and waved us through to the departure room much to our relief.  Phew!  Beyond the barriers of departures there was much kerfuffle with removing of boots, jackets, squishing helmets into carry bags and patting downs, scans etc before we ended up jimmying ourselves onto the plane and squidging into our seats… although saying that we did manage to sneak in a little tipple of a whiskey tasting session prior!

We were both really fortunate to be seated next to a very friendly chap who fascinatingly turned out to be a scientist and consultant for a hearing aid company.  An hour and a half later along with a frenzy of mints and wine gums, both Sam and I had learned about some of the most stupendous technology known to man of which we were both completely unaware of!  I was amazed to discover there were such hearing aids which help those who are totally deaf – even from birth – hear for the first time!  There are even implants that sit in the nape of the neck if the ear is completely damaged to help this!  I mean.  Wow.  How incredible and magical?  So despite our rather “cosy” flight as an estate agent would frame it, we felt utterly privileged to have met such a fascinating and awe inspiring fella!

When we arrived we were full of beans!  Enroute to KTM Basel we were like kids at Christmas, fit to burst with excitement as it was the first time we were going to see our new bikes completely finished within 6 weeks! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

After a short journey with me jabbering away, we pulled up outside and caught the first glimpse of our new bikes.  I fell silent.  They… looked… AWESOME!  Seriously.  Absolutely amazingly STUPENDOUSLY scrumptiously OM NOMMY NOM NOM!  Within moments I had thrown myself out the car and was dreamily draped over my bike, poking and prodding away and a blink later Sam was off riding down the road with a filthy huge grin on his face!


Seriously sexy.  As it was late we unfortunately didn’t have too long to play and had to head off to bed said zebberdee where I am now typing this with a super sized smile!  We are both eagerly anticipating the day ahead!   Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

So despite a hiccup start… things are definitely turning out bright!  Here’s to a fun day of riding home to the UK tomorrow, I can’t wait!


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