Kicking Horse Campsite

July 22, 2014 / West Canada / 0 Comments /

Camping AHOY!

Kicking Horse Campsite, Yoho National Park
Yoho Vally Road, Field, BC, V0A 1G0

Cost per Site: $27-30 (although we only paid $20 as the showers were down!)
Fire Pits: $8.80 (no restrictions)
Extra Costs:  National Park Entry Pass is Required (costs varies for families/seniors/children but approximately $10 per person a day and can be collected at booths upon entry to the national parks)
Bear Boxes: Available
Toilets: Available with Electric Points
Showers: Available (in July 2014 not operational)
Extras: Couple of hiking Trails, day treks and evening activities/presentations

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Egyptian Border Salloum – Secret Police, Guns and Desperation

April 16, 2013 / Egypt, My category / 6 Comments /

I haven’t posted this until I was far away enough from the country that it would have no negative impact on us at all.  What happened that day was sickening and possibly the scariest and most horrific experience I have ever been in.  I never want to ever be in that predicament again, nor do I wish for anyone else to be.  I hope our blog helps others in safely getting across the border…
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Motorcycle Luggage Review – Enduristan and Metal Mules


So Sam and I are currently on our charity round the world motorcycle trip (Chasing Horizons – you can follow us daily on!  Wheee!  Whilst we were planning it though we both had a maaaajor hard time figuring out what kind of luggage to take with us… soft… hard… which ones and why…!  We finally ended up with the below set up which as you will read is working out pretty mega for us both and hope that the following review and on going updates on their handling and capabilities will help others make decisions in the future for their own luggage solutions!

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Updates and Blogging Galore!

February 7, 2013 / My category / 1 Comment /

Tramps in trees, Sam being shot at, camels in trucks, kids with guns and the Spice Girls…just an idea of some of the stories in the below updates!

It’s been a long time coming but at least you now have reading material for a while whilst enjoying a few cups of tea and some dunking goodness!

Check out the new blogs below:


Tunisia: Sfax – Insane Riding and Tramps in Trees
Tunisia: Sfax – Family Fun and Chickens the size of Children
Tunisia: Tozeur – Road Tripping
Tunisia: Tozeur – Star Wars and Sand People
Tunisia: Tozeur – Mos Espa Star Wars Set
Tunisia: Tozeur – Salt Pans, Star Wars, Sand Storms and Sleeplessness
Tunisia / Libya: Border Crossing and Cous Cous Kindness
Libya: Road Blocks, Bullet Riddled Cars and Explosions
Libya: Tripoli – Medina
Libya: Tripoli – Leptis Magna and Villa Selene
Libya: Tripoli to Egypt Crossing – Tanks, Kids with Guns and the Spice Girls

More to come as well as updates to galleries and other sections of the site :)

Keep Smiling people and catch you soon!

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Libya – Tanks, Kids with Guns and the Spice Girls!

January 29, 2013 / Libya / 0 Comments /

HEY hey KIDS! We’ve arrived just about safely in Alexandria, Egypt. We have had an incredibly eye opening and surreal journey through Libya and also at the border crossing.

Again, we cannot reinforce our thanks to family and friends old and new who have helped us through this leg of the journey! The care, concern and hospitality of everyone has been phenomenal! Thank you so much!

Libya was fantastic, we both cannot wait to return when it’s had a bit more time to settle and head to the Southern Deserts. It’s truly a stunning place and will be an up and coming area to visit in the future we have no doubt! GO LIBYA!
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