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Today has been one of much square eyes in front of the computer, phone calls, spreadsheets and a dozen cuppas!  Planning a round the world trip on motorbikes is awesome fun but there’s a mega amount of paper work behind it all!  As we finalise the details we will post our Visa, vaccination and insurance details on the document section of Chasing Horizons so you can download and use at your leisure!  We hope it will eventually save some people a fair bit of time when planning their adventure travel on motorcycles!

Visa and Embassy Details – North Africa, East Africa and South Africa

Normally I would curse with great fury at the likes of Excel, however, it’s days like today I forgive them for their infuriating quirks as they manage to organise so many details for our enormous trip with ease and simplicity.  We have spent a long long few days researching visas and embassies for our section through Africa and have managed to compile a list of all the British Embassies, relevant contacts and forms we need to complete to gain entry to various countries.  So far the visa entries are looking like so:

Libya Visa: Required Beforehand.
Libya Visa Costs: TBC (Rumour has it around $400 per person! Yikes!)
How to Obtain Libyan Visa: Can apply to local Embassy although it is recommended to apply through an agent.  We will provide details when we know more!
Entry Requirements for Libya / Other:  Must Register passport with police within the first 3 days of entry.  Carnet and Visa / Border details can normally be sorted by a fixer for a fee of LD 10-15.

Egypt Visa:  None Required for under 90 day Stay

Sudan Visa:  Required Beforehand
Sudan Visa Costs: Around $100.00 per person (Letter may cost from British Embassy, will update when we know!)
How to Obtain Sudanese Visa: Depending on which way you’re entering and your nationality it varies.  For us Brits heading in from the North through Egypt we have been recommended to go to British Embassy in Egypt, Cairo where we can apply for a letter inviting us into Sudan and then popping 200 yards down the road to the Sudanese Embassy in Egypt, Cairo and picking up a 14 day transit visa there.  Apparently it can be a day or two process although it’s been known to take longer for some!
Entry Requirements for Sudan / Other:  You will need 2 photos, $100 per person, valid passports and a letter from the British Embassy as above!  Once you do eventually enter Sudan, you are required to register if you are staying longer than 3 days and can pay a fixer to organise this and your carnet details for a fee of around USD $25

Ethiopia Visa: Required Beforehand.
Ethiopia Visa Costs: Single Entry Travel Visa £14.00 (Valid for 30 days stay)
How to Obtain Ethiopian Visa: Apply direct to the Embassy in UK.  Form can be printed online through the Ethiopia Embassy Website here.  I will be making a call to them tomorrow as have a couple of questions about the form (dates entering/leaving and places staying – all anomalies at the moment!)
Entry Requirements for Ethiopia / Other: Validated Passport and Yellow Fever Certificate

Tanzania Visa: Required
Tanzania Visa Costs: Single Entry Travel Visa USD $50 (approx)
How to Obtain Tanzania Visa: Pick up at Border upon Entry
Entry Requirements for Tanzania / Other: Validated Passport and Yellow Fever Certificate

Malawi Visa: None Required for under 90 day Stay

Kenya Visa: Required
Kenya Visa Costs: Single Entry Travel Visa USD $50 (approx)
How to Obtain Kenya Visa: Pick up at Border upon Entry
Entry Requirements for Kenya / Other: Validated Passport and Yellow Fever Certificate

Zambia Visa: Required
Zambia Visa Costs: Single Entry Travel Visa USD $50 (approx)
How to Obtain Zambia Visa: Pick up at Border upon Entry
Entry Requirements for Zambia / Other: Validated Passport and Yellow Fever Certificate

Botswana Visa: None Required for under 90 day Stay

Namibia Visa: None Required for under 90 day Stay

South Africa: None Required for under 90 day Stay

As above, we will put up our Excel spreadsheet once we’ve finalised the minor details so you travellers alike can use, adjust and print for their trips!

LOCATE and Spot us!

Incase anything goes a bit pear shaped we’re doing our best to make sure we can be found with relative ease.  To help this we have registered with LOCATE, a system set up by the foreign commonwealth where you can input all the locations you are heading to so if there is an emergency they are able to track, contact and help you as easily as possible.  Being engaged only one of us had to register where we then added a travelling spouse/partner/fiancee under all the countries we are travelling.  With soooo many to enter and dates being sketchy it did take time and will need updating but well worth it for a bit of peace of mind for us and our families.

We will also be subscribing our GPS tracker to SPOT.  Whilst we’re away, every 10minutes our tracker will send a location signal to SPOT which will then update where we are on our website!  Awesome eh!?  In an event of an emergency there’s a button to press too which then sends out a signal to local services requesting help and a little message to a number of emails we register saying “Oh bugger, we’ve had a boo boo, please help!” or something similar!  We can also send generic messages to these emails saying everything is aok which we plan to do regularly :)

Vaccinations… Jabs and Pills

Being a big girls blouse when it comes to injections I decided today I’ve put this off long enough and started to get the ball rolling.  Currently all I’ve managed to establish is that we pretty much need every jab going!  AiieieiEEEEE!  Haha!  Having both filled out the docs forms we’re popping them back in tomorrow and organising a date to pop in.  Pin cushion arms AHOY!

With regards to our Medikit we have a good few friends who are helping out with suggestions for this.  We’ve the makings of a list of what’s required and after I’ve established the over the counter costs and what isn’t available and requires prescription I will update our trusty spreadsheet and upload for you all to see!


Well it would seem it is a bit of a limited market for round the world travel insurance!  Over the few we have sifted through the Post Office is looking like one of the best options at a cost of around £900 for 12months.  We’re still shopping about… if we can find any deals we’ll give you all a heads up! :)

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