Motorcycle Luggage Review – Enduristan and Metal Mules


So Sam and I are currently on our charity round the world motorcycle trip (Chasing Horizons – you can follow us daily on!  Wheee!  Whilst we were planning it though we both had a maaaajor hard time figuring out what kind of luggage to take with us… soft… hard… which ones and why…!  We finally ended up with the below set up which as you will read is working out pretty mega for us both and hope that the following review and on going updates on their handling and capabilities will help others make decisions in the future for their own luggage solutions!

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Luggage! Soft or Hard… that is the question!

Having laid out our kit for the trip we realised we have a fair bit of important equipment to take.  This includes a laptop, camera equipment (DSLR + lenses and head cameras) and various other electronics like kindles (to save on carrying books and manuals), head cams, phones etc.  We spent many an hour trying to figure out the best and most secure way to pack the above and even had KTM Basel coming up with ideas of how to make a rear rack to contain a water proof laptop holder… but it was all a bit awkward.

Frustratingly for us we absolutely love the Enduristan luggage as it is very durable, hard wearing and simple to use, but as with any soft luggage the panniers will not prevent items being crushed in an event of a fall.  We considered perhaps stacking the electronics some how on the back of the bike away from impact zones but again, the laptop was a flipping awkward shape for any sized roll top bag and then to have things piled on top of it… we just weren’t comfortable with that!

SO!  After much consideration, trial and error testing, research and recommendations we have now decided to combine the very best of both worlds and combine soft luggage with hard luggage.  Yup, our final solution is Sam with top class Enduristan soft luggage panniers and myself with the stupendously amazing Metal Mule panniers!

Now originally we were confused as to whether to go for soft or hard luggage seeing pros and cons for them both.  The reason we were put off hard luggage was due to Sam’s experience on his previous travels with some zegas, which decided to leak and reshape themselves heavily after a couple of falls in snow and ice.  But… the more we looked at Metal Mules and read up on them, the more we realised these were fantastic bits of equipment and way way WAY above Sam’s zegas!

Having spoken to Paul from Metal Mule we are meeting with him up at the Birmingham Bike Show so he can have a look at the bike set up!  Being such an incredibly well travelled fella he is proving to be incredibly fascinating and knowledgable beyond belief when it comes to motorcycle travel, luggage and just general adventure recommendations!  We’re both really excited about meeting him soon and getting the bike kitted out!

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