Touratech Adventure Travel Event 2012

This weekend just gone Sam and I headed to the Touratech Adventure Travel Event in Wales where we had a Charity stall to promote the Wales Air Ambulance, Riders 4 Health and the World Land Trust. It truly was a fantastic weekend… despite the hiccup start (See “Stop… Hammer Time” post for more details)!

When we arrived on the Friday we have to admit we didn’t really know what to expect!  After a brief and lovely convo with General Manager Craig at Touratech, we were directed to a an area to pitch up and Sam pulled the bike up and hopped off.  Within seconds a chap rocks up on a Husqvarna chewing on a cigar, points to Calvin (KTM 690 Enduro R 2012) and says..

Cigar Man: “Is that yours?” *unsmiling*
Us: “Yup… going to be taking it around the world!”
Cigar Man: “Right well… pop the seat off…” *swings off his bike*
Us: *bamboozled* “Okay… sure…”
Cigar Man: “Lift that up over there…”
Us: “Done…”
Cigar Man: “Right… that setting is for crap petrol, so be sure to use that when you get shitty fuel, this one’s for easy riding… you need to be getting rid of the petrol cap because it’s useless… take a look at this too…”

… he went on for about 20minutes giving us some absolutely priceless hints and tips for the bike… we were gobsmacked!  Such an awesome fella… and we didn’t catch his name (hence “cigar man”!)!  This was exactly what the weekend was like!!  The sheer amount of wonderfully inspiring people we met with so many hints, tips and general chit chat and banter was phenomenal!
touratech-stand-ta-daThe setting up of the stand was good fun… it was like being in a power kite competition with gusts of winds giving us a good fight with the skies and earth!  Our spot was pretty mega with the food and beer tent to the left and the speakers tent directly in front!  Good stuff!  On our stand we had some big display boards for Riders for Health, Wales Air Ambulance and the World Land Trust along with a massive Helicopter Cake (Guess the Weight – Results Released weekend of 26th May 2012!), Cards, Leaflets, Rukka Gear, X Lites, Contour ROAM cameras and various other bits and bobs!  It looked pretty packed but wicked if we do say so ourselves!  We had so many generous contributions to our charities from the riders, we were astounded at the positive responses we had – a big thank you to all those who donated!  If you missed the opportunity and would like to make any donations please visit our just giving sites for the charities:

Just Giving – Wales Air Ambulance 
Just Giving – World Land Trust
Just Giving – Riders 4 Health 

Over the course of the weekend we had the amazing opportunity to meet with Sam Manicom who I can honestly say is one of the most overwhelmingly
fascinating and marvellous gentleman you could ever wish to meet.  Having hopped on a bike and within 3 months gone off and travelled the world on his todd, Sam had us both captivated with his stories, enthusiasm and faith in the communities he passed through.  To say I am excited about reading his books is an understatement… definitely ones for the kindle (take a look at his books and website… the guy is tremendous!)


Sam and Sam Manicom!

We also chatted with Caroline Taylor, the resident Doc for Nick Sanders Expeditions, and she offered us a realm of information about Mexico and Africa which we are just infinitely grateful for.  Not only that we met with a chap called Nathan who nuttily rode a 50cc back from the land of Oz in flip flops, Andreas Hülsmann a journalist and photographer (thanks for the tips on the D200!!) and so many more adventure riders (Jason, Lisa, Jon, Charlie, Kim, Rod, Craig, Barbara, Louise, Alec are just a few!).  Some people are just stupendous… there was one chap who approached our stand and was instantly saying how tremendous the Wales Air Ambulance service was.  Previously , he explained he was a marine and then became a climbing instructor but unfortunately for him on one unlucky day he had an accident and had to be air lifted to hospital.  He suffered spinal injuries but after muchos training, physio and determination he ended back on his feet.  Being unable to climb he decided to take up motorbike riding to ease his need for something adventurous and new, thus being at the event!  Had it not been for the crew which air lifted him he may not have been in such a fortunate position.  Such a lovely chap, so happy and grateful with such a beautiful story… you could see how much affection he had for the WAA through his eyes.  It’s people like him that amaze, inspire and makes us realise what a fantastic cause the Wales Air Ambulance are.

We had such an awesome time and were also super privileged to be surrounded by some other suprerb fundraisers including  Neurosupport, Help 4 Heroes (Dambusters 2012) and Motorcycle Outreach!  All amazing causes with a wonderful group of workers making it happen which we can only encourage you to support and raise awareness if you can!

All in all a stupendous weekend!  A Big big BIG THANK YOU to the General Manager that is Craig at Touratech for giving us some space to use and organising such a superb event!  It was so incredibly enjoyable and such an opportunity for us to gain so much knowledge and wisdom from a gorgeous bunch of lovely people! A Big big thank you again to all those who donated and offered help to support our charities – you’re all mega!

Keep smiling and catch up soon!

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Mercury Newspaper – March 2012

March 30, 2012 / Press / 0 Comments /

A nice piece in the Mercury Newspaper, with Sam looking rather pleased as he has a hot woman on the back of his bike!

Cornered by the Paparazzi!

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