Mini Update

More to come of details of the latests but as a short update:

House: Sale is going well! Woo!
Route planning: We’re keeping a steady eye on the happenings around Libya/Egypt but still feel good about entering this way! Good times!
Visas: All sorted and waiting to pay the embassies our last visits prior to leaving!
Carnet: Once again Sorted and ready to go!
Equipment: We have everything but our extras for the medikit and camera lenses!
Bikes: We’re awaiting news from KTM Basel about when we can go pick them up! Hoping for an update tomorrow – we both terribly miss our Bikey Mcbikes :)
Shots/Jabs: Both had our second set of rabies today, Sam had his Hep B (already had mine from Policey days) and next week we have Yellow Fever! After that, one more rabies and we’re set!

All in all we’re good. Things are very stressful though and we’re both feeling the toll! Somedays it’s just all too much and we both end up monging out! I have been in tears a few times with frustration and Sam has been having sleepless nights, feeling frustrated and pretty poopy too! BUT! It’s all so close now and the end is in sight! We realise how lucky we are to be doing such an adventure and the fact we are also super lucky to have each other to help out in the times of mehness be through cuddles, going out for the day or just generally laughing at the ludicrous situation we are in! So much has been happening and currently we’re waiting on others be it for house progression or bike parts or what which is totally out of our control :) But we have every faith in the people we have helping us out and are looking forward to seeing everything finally coming together!

Thank you again for all your continual support! Not long now boys and girls, not long now! :)

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To Switzerland! Bike Upgrades Mark 1

Clare: “Bonjour, je voudrais numbro oeuf”
Petrol Station Assistant: “Err?”
Clare “Oh erm la voiture.. dans… numbro oeuf? Mais Oui?” *points to car*
Petrol Station Assistant: “Ahh… ahhh ok ok”

Having claimed I am pretty good at French, my first interaction in the land of garlic and onions proved otherwise. “Egg?” I protested “What do you mean I said number egg? Doesn’t Oeuf mean Eight?”.  Feeling slightly daft, I realised this is probably signs of the times ahead, especially seeing as French is supposedly my strongest second language!

The day which followed was one of great length, much excitement and tea drinking to sustain us.  Initially our intentions were to stop off in France midway to our final destination to KTM Basel, Switzerland but we decided it didn’t look so far on the GPS (a couple of centimeters?! That’s nooothing) and took it upon ourselves to blast our way through.

Cooking up Chilli

11 hours in total and we arrived.  Being 11pm we decided it would be a plan to pull up somewhere and kip in the back of the van.  After deciding against a few suspicious looking spots (of which we have since been told are renowned for promiscuous acts of sorts), we finally chose wisely and parked up opposite a church and field.  Trying our best to not disturb anyone we thought it might be wise to cook up our home made chilli in the back of the van.  With no lights other than our phones, not much room and sleepiness setting in, we have no doubt it must have looked super dodgy as the van wibbled, me giggling away and flame like lights flickering.  To top it all off I decided I would try out my shewee for real for the first time.  In the shelter and looming shadow of the van I felt pretty out of sight… only mid stream to have two walkers go by with their dog looking slightly confused.  A girl?!  Standing up and weeing into a field?!  I didn’t quite know what to do or say and so I shook and ran off in a fluster!  Not the first impression we were hoping to impose on the delightfully mellow town of Arisdorf.

Our nest for the night!

Despite a night of slipping and sliding sideways in our wonkily parked van on the hill, we awoke with much excitement.  A croissant later and we arrive at KTM Basel to be greeted by Jeroen and his beautiful family.  We are given a grand tour and upon stumbling into the workshop Sam and I eyes light up as we see David Jenni’s bike fully kitted out.  It is STUNNING.  The pictures of the KTM Basel Defy Quest bike is superb, but in person, it is a sheer work of genius!  With a very svelte look, the tanks and fairing snugly embrace the bike with every piece perfectly placed.  The exhaust reroute is beautifully constructed and yet so sturdy.  There’s so many well crafted extras too and all in all we were just blown away by the sheer quality.

We then brought our bikes in and within minutes Jeroen and his awesome mechanic David (aka Rambo) have the bikes stripped right down!

And it was thiiiiis big!

We spend some time discussing the next few days and after some tea and a lovely lunch of rosti and salad we crack on with some design work and sketching whilst the boys continue with the bikes.

Jeroen Dismantling Clares Bike!

Bike talk!

By the evening we settle down for some nibbles and a chat about the progress.  We then have to make our way to the BnB 20minutes away. Exhausted but happy we greet our BnB owners – Sally and Nick who are most lovely and make our way to bed where we zonk out.

And so it’s all started!  We’re so excited, it’s unbelievable.  To also have custom made bike extras too is just superb.  We cannot wait for the next few days to pass… it’s going to be mega!

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Lady love bits!

Sam and I have had a bit of a set back for our around the world motorbike trip… but nothing we cannot get past!  From a recent smear test… (why do they call it this?! They should make it sound more fluffy! Foof test. That’d be better!)… I had some results back flagging up some cellular changes.  Due to the level of change it is looking like I will have to have a minor op which despite being a day in-and-out experience will mean we cannot travel for 4-6 weeks after (it invalidates our travel health insurance)!  This then easily drifts past our leaving date of the 20th August 2012!

Despite this being a bit of a pain in the nether regions (excuse the pun), we’re glad it’s something that has been spotted now and can be easily resolved!  It just means a little bit of fudging with routes and leaving dates!

For all ladies out there may I big up foof checks once in a while in case things like this do crop up!  Please please make sure you or your partners make these appointments… as manky as they are it’s always an excuse for a glass/bottle of wine and some pampering afterwards and saves on any problems at a later date!


More news to come though people and a revised route too!  Keep watching this space and we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

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