Thundery Tobermory

August 27, 2013 / West Canada / 0 Comments /

TOBERMORY - RAIN RAIN RAINSo we headed on up to Tobermorey yesterday and it was all proper countryside! Very British but on a much vaster scale and with these rather quaint drive ways leading to tall, brick built properties which backed on to these barely-standing-barns surrounded by perfectly manicured shrubs. Such an odd combination! It’s fab to be back on the road and in the elements again although I have to say there were some proper stinky smells (we’re not talking manure fresh, we’re more on the dead-fish-dog-breath scale. Entirely rancid, the kind of stench that your whole face violently repels in an instance, causing your nose to twist and strain in some kind of manic attempt to close down all operations. The pleasures of motorcycle riding eh? ;)) We were kind of a bit sleepy riding up and due to being fairly sunny I had the visor down most of the time. Initially I thought that due to this it was kind of dulling down the whole area around making it a kind of dusty grey look. But when I popped the sun visor up it hadn’t changed. Very bizarre kind of landscape… there was no real vibrancy to it, it was almost as if it had been desaturated of it’s colour. So despite all these rolling hills, meandering rivers, towering trees, hay fields and bundles, gorgeous villages of brick build properties with towers and grand drives… every thing had a kind of wistful melancholy to it. The funny thing is, the place names and road names have a lot of “grey” titles. “Grey Road”, “Greyline” “Grey Street”, “Grey Barns”… it was all very… dulled down.

What was eerie though was this dimpled sky we were approaching. Having ridden from stupendous sunshine and bright white skies, the clouds ahead had been sucked up into these little pockets and had begun curling around on each other leaving us riding under a rather ghost-busters style sky. Check out the snaps (I will upload them after this post!). Combined with the grey-pastel scenery it was like we were part of an imminent apocalypse and it only became more likely as we rode on! …..

When we eventually reached Tobermorey, due to needing to send some work we decided to stop at the Harbourside motel for internet (ab)usage. Good thing really as had we camped we would have been in for a royal ass whooping from Mother Nature!! It CANED it down! Like you wouldn’t believe. We’re talking sudden high winds with trees bending unforgivingly sideways and then BOOM. Instant sheet rain. And not just sheet rain, it was like a waterfall. This was then followed up with a gut shuddering thunder clap and a tremendous purple thunder storm!

Our window flooded and poured inside the room all over the electric sockets! Big thumbs up! The storm eventually brewed up with such ferocity it actually broke The Internet and then borked all the electrics entirely. Although I’m not convinced the motel had any web in the first place (really would not recommend staying there! Super pricey for what it was and very dingey and wet!)

In short, we were up all night just watching the storm… think we managed about 3 hours sleep. Superb stuff, although slightly zonked today!

We are now ferried across and tucked away in Sudbury where it is sweltering in a fuzzy muggy way. Due another thunder clap me thinks.

Just a mini update anyway, we’re probably going to be camping over the next few days so we will try and catch up when we can! Hoping you’re all good :)

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