North Africa – Trip to Tozeur

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We arrived in Touzer as the sun set and as usual we followed the GPS which navigated us to some wee village on the outskirts surrounded by desert.  Slightly confused as this did not look like the palm tree campsite we were in search of we stopped and asked for directions.  Within minutes the local villager had leapt in his car and had us following him through the sands back to the main city!  The hospitality and desire to help people here is just overwhelming!

Sandy Swimming!…

This was my first time riding in sand.  Weighed down with all our gear I could feel my lovely bike sinking and slithering as I wobbled with giggles and shrieks along the soft sand.   It wasn’t far to go but in the dark and having never experienced a swimming sensation on the bike I was a bundle of nerves and laughter!  It’s so weird… I cannot wait to try it again but perhaps within daylight hours and not whilst lost at nightfall ;)

After a few roads we arrive at our destination, Camping Les Beauxreves (33° 32′ 15,25 N – 8° 49′ 23,48 E) and are waved off by our local friend!  So kind of him!  The campsite owner appears and proceeds to show us an area to set up camp just beyond some shower blocks under some palms… this is a lap of luxury camping wise!  As soon as we dismount we are immediately greeted by a rather excited Jason, a fellow British traveller in his camper van (affectionately named Dave) accompanied by his wife Julie and pooch Charlie!  Parked up just the otherside of the shower block, we are invited over for some grub so with that in mind we bosh up the tent and join them!  Before long we are telling tales, drinking wine and enjoying some delicious grub including left over Italian Christmas Cake! Om tastic!



Jason, Julie and Charlie are just an awesome trio!  They have been travelling now for nearly 14months around Europe and just happened to stumble their way into North Africa on their tour!  Just listening to their trip up to now we were laughing away!  They both have a very relaxed and chilled out persona which managed to brush off on us that evening, making us reconsider our mad run around over the next few days and adapt it to chillax a bit and see the local sites!  Thanks guys!  Their method of travel is very dreamy too… Sam and I have since been discussing about getting a camper van upon our return to do some tours and trips in when we have kiddies and pooches about!  It just all looks wicked! They are also making loads of notes on where they’re heading to and plonking helpful hints on their website – for all eager travellers be it camper vanners or whatever form of transport we can only encourage you to visit their site and get a copy of their book!!


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