Which Wheels?

No wheels?! 2 Wheels?  Maybe 3? How about 4?!  Maybe More!

We have now travelled through many a country and feasted with a whole menagerie of friendly adventurers who are all independently travelling with a variety of forms of transportation. From World War I motorcycles, modern day supped up two wheelers with all the gadgets and gizmos to minis, Land Rovers, Pick Ups and Unimogs (when I first heard of Unimogs I thought it was a form of Cat Bus. Sadly it is not… but still stupendous all the same!) There are also some crazily awesome people who choose to bounce their way through countries in Touk Touks… some on foot, some running, some cycling! It would seem anything goes!

So when people say to us “which is the best over landing vehicle to take on an adventure?”… our answer is quite simple. It’s obviously KTM of course!!… Only joking, just fancied poking some BMW riders out there ;)

What we say is pick whatever makes you grin ear to ear and that you enjoy fixing and choring over… it’s an inevitability on this kind of trip no matter what vehicle you choose! Your vehicle will become part of you, it will no longer be just a mode of transport but it will be your companion, your home and on the odd occasion your arch enemy!


Our Choices:

For our first adventure we fancied something on 2 wheels. I had never ridden a motorbike before and I figured what a better way to learn than to traverse the world on one! Sam has a bit of soft spot for Motorbikes too… kind of an understatement so we went on a hunt for motorbikes.

Having ridden a KTM 990 Adventure S from Dubai to Alaska, Sam’s experience of KTM’s has been an incredibly positive one considering the only problems he endured was his clutch plates giving up the ghost!  My contribution to the decision involved a lot less experience but instead a great deal of research.  After contemplating various other bikes, nothing seemed to quite meet the adaptability the KTM 690 Enduro R 2012 offered in our opinions.  Economic, easy mechanics, awesome off road skills, lightness for the many occasions it will fall… the GRRness of the KTM just pipped it.  My final choice had no influence with the fact that burnt orange is of course my favourite colour and that the KTM 690 Enduro R 2012 makes a nice “brum brum” sound.  No influence at all.

So the above Hobbes and Stimpy, two KTM 690 Enduro R’s 2012, were purchased and experienced a wee bit of an overhaul in preparation for our charity round the world challenge. Please take a look at the motorbike upgrades page for more information of their enhancements!